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Jill Marshall is the author of the best-selling Jane Blonde (TM) series and fiction for children, young adults and adults. Her middle-grade series about sensational girl spy, Jane Blonde, published by Macmillan Children's Books UK, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, been translated into 11 languages, and featured as a World Book Day title. The spygirl has generated a lot of interest for film and TV and is currently undergoing some exciting Wower-ish transformations.

Jill has now brought Jane together with her other series in this age group - Doghead, The Legend of Matilda Peppercorn, Stein & Frank - in a fantastic new 19-book ensemble series, the SWAGG Books collection (TM) - out now in all sorts of fab, sustainable, planet-friendly versions including collectable hardback and straight to your tablet e-book. 

As well as books for tweens and teens, Jill writes for young adults and adults, each with a collection of three stand-alone novels. She also writes for younger children, with a picture book for teenies, Kave-Tina Rox.

When she's not writing books, Jill is a proud mum and G-Nana and a strategic communications consultant. She divides her time between the UK and and Europe and Oceania, and hopes one day to travel between them by SatiSPI, ESPIdrilles or Jack BC Zip.

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